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Sponsor one of of animals as a gift for someone special or for that animal mad member of the family.

Sponsorships range in price from £25 - £40. You can view more details on our adoptions page (under the support us tab in the menu above). To order packs please contact us by phone, email or Facebook.

How you can support us through the coronavirus pandemic

Purchase a gift for our animals through our AMazon Wish List

2020 has been a challenging year for so many people. With the pandemic causing businesses all over the world to close, times are tough for everyone.

Fernvalley is 100% funded by the visitors that come and see our array of rescue animals that call the centre home. This year with closures and then number restrictions in place, this winter is going to be very difficult. Electricity for keeping our animals warm and food and bedding costs mean that despite being shut, our outgoings remained very high. We now have over 80 individual animals to keep warm, fed, happy and safe.

If you can help in any way your support is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Click the link below to browse our animals wish list and select an enrichment and play gift for one of our rescue animals.

Click the Donate button on our homepage (directly under our Fernvalley Wildlife Centre title) and donate whatever you can whether than be £1 or £100, thank you.

Ways to help:

Sponsor an Animal