Fernvalley Wildlife Centre


October 27th - Our rescued Raccoon Dogs have arrived! We have two little girls and a boy all just over a year old. These guys came to use from the SSPCA.

To hear more about their story come and meet them at the centre.


Starting from 7th September, every Saturday at 11.30am (excluding October Half Term) we will be offering visitors a chance to discover the hidden secrets of a wildlife centre and learn about our animals real personalities from the Head Animal Keeper.

The tour lasts approximately one hour and stops at all of our animals enclosures where you will learn all about their stories, personalities and what life is like for them in the Pet Trade.

Learn about the running of a wildlife centre and the stories from the building of Fernvalley.
See our animals from a new perspective as you are introduced to them by the keeper that cares for them on a daily basis, you'll get to know their real personalities!
Learn more about the Exotic Pet Trade and why we focus so heavily on it at the centre.
Get involved! Ask as many questions as you like as you explore.

The Tour is included in your entry ticket price however any donations you wish to give are greatly appreciated and are put back into the work we do at the centre

Open to any age group although may be more suited to adults and older children.

Our Secret Life of a Wildlife Centre tours are pre-book only due to limited numbers so to book your place call us on 01856 751461 or email fernvalleywildlifecentre@gmail.com to reserve a place.